Our temporary recruitment service enables us to partner exceptional temporary financial professionals with businesses in need of support in their finance department. Our temporary candidates possess a wide range of skill sets due to their exposure to numerous industry’s and businesses within their specialist field.

Whether you need temporary staff for just one day or several months, our temporary team at Touchstone can provide you with financial professionals on demand.

As a candidate, temporary work is an attractive alternative to a permanent role, and allows you to start or progress in your career flexibly and most importantly, in a way most suitable for you. It can also have great benefits for your skillset and in-turn your CV. Being exposed to various industries and markets will see you picking up a range of knowledge and skills, which will make you even more attractive to employers.

Here are Touchstone recruitment, we work hard to ensure our temporary workers are offered opportunities best suited to them and will satisfy their professional needs. If you’re currently looking for temporary roles, then get in touch with us today.