How we work

Our goal is to work in a way that suits your organisation. We recruit for permanent, contract, interim and temporary requirements, and we do this via retained search, sole agency and contingency recruitment service models.

Contingency recruitment

There is no such thing as ‘the best’ candidate. But there is absolutely the ‘right’ candidate. Whether you’re seeking an upcoming star or an experience hand, we’ve developed a network of professionals able to create and/or implement business, finance or accountancy strategy.

Retained recruitment

Also referred to as Executive Search, our specialist retained recruitment service enables the confidential identification and superior selection of senior talent for key strategic roles on a sole agency basis. From start-ups to privately held firms to the world’s largest corporations, we offer a tailored service, which uses the best of your employer brand, with our expertise and experience. Collaboratively we will identify talent that can make the difference to your organisation.

Vetting and Appraisal

There are certain things that we will not compromise on. Interviewing each of our candidates prior to sending their details to a client is one of them. This interview allows us to assess current and previous experience, professional qualification, educational background and sector expertise. This includes an understanding of motivations and ambitions. The result; a fully informed recruitment consultant who can match a skilled and competent business support, finance or accountancy professional into the right environment.

Skill Testing and Psychometrics

If you are looking to reinforce your selection process with a more scientific approach, then we can provide skills testing, Again, de-risking your hire.

Advertised Selection

We want your vacancy to be seen by the right audience. To ensure this happens, we employ a range of targeted advertising strategies including industry specific publications. We have access to all the industry specific job boards, as well as emerging candidate networking platforms. Where to advertise is dependent on the role, sector, and other factors. We will advise you, based on our experience.

Salary Benchmarking

Our consultants can provide support and advice in human resource areas such as compensation and benefits. We offer a salary benchmarking service for specific disciplines based on accurate and current compensation data.

Legislation and Compliance

Compliance with regulations and industry specific legislation is key to all our recruitment processes. Our close working relationships with a range of accountancy trade associations and regulatory bodies make us a trusted partner within the industry.