Spotlight on Global Ethics Day 2018

Touchstone Recruitment 16.10.2018

On October 17th 2018, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, CFA Institute and Carnegie Council for Ethics will mark Global Ethics Day by taking the time to investigate how various businesses are preparing for the future amongst ethical threats and challenges which are being posed from various angles. Tackling ethical issues gives businesses the best possible chance of thriving within their own industry, so it is certain that these issues should be made a priority.


The spotlight will start with a number of “follow the sun” events on the day itself, including a series of film interviews of CEOs from all over the globe talking about the biggest ethical challenge that they have personally faced in their line of work, with the aim to share thoughts and experiences of ethical issues.


Both Singapore and Hong Kong branches of ACCA will show films throughout the month, including programmes on Bitcoin and tax avoidance.


This year marks the fifth anniversary of Global Ethics Day, and gives us the chance to think about the ethical issues that we are facing, and how we can work together as an industry to try and overcome them. Ethics are a key foundation of accountancy, meaning that it is important to use a moral compass to guide the way that businesses make decisions. Global Ethics Day aims to remind everyone that they have a personal responsibility to make ethics a priority every day in business.


Global Ethics Day also brings with it the opportunity to show that ethics are no longer something that hold businesses back, but rather something that brings the opportunity to ensure that the lives of both shareholders and stakeholders are improved. CFA have always made ethics a key concern, and ensure that the highest standards of ethics are always met.


ACCA are a global body for accountants, who can offer qualifications to those who wish to pursue a career in accountancy. There are 208,000 members along with 503,000 students across 179 countries who are supported by ACCA. At the moment, ACCA are making key changes to the qualifications that they offer by ensuring that the course they deliver is always up to date, and able to provide students with the education that they need to achieve the position that they seek within the accountancy industry.


Carnegie Council:

Carnegie Council was first founded in 1914, and was created to be a forum for experts and decision makers from across the world. The Council is now widely accepted as a voice for ethics thanks to the fact that they have delivered many workshops, speeches and conferences across the world.



CFA is an association for professionals who work in investment. They champion ethical behaviour in all areas of investment, and can also provide knowledge about both ethics and the financial industry. They aim to reach a point at which investors’ interests are made a priority, and as such economies can grow on top of a secure base. The CFA have more than 155,000 members across the world, including members from 165 countries.

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