CIMA question lack of skills in school-leavers

Touchstone Recruitment 13.05.2018

A new survey by the Chartered Institute of Accountants (CIMA) has found that eight in ten British school-leavers “lack essential business skills”.

According to the 4,000 finance professionals questioned in the survey, more than 80 per cent of young people require significant training before starting work – a five per cent worsening on the figures from last year.

The findings back up those found in the CBI Skills Survey released earlier in the year. The survey found that many schools and colleges reported room for improvement in essential capabilities such as business and customer awareness (69%), literacy and use of English (32%), basic numeracy (29%), and team working (26%). Around half of businesses are also not satisfied with school leavers’ work experience.

Even more worryingly for employers, the CIMA research found that low calibre employees are affecting the performance of firms. 90% of those surveyed reported that their workload had increased as a result of skills shortages, over half agreed that it had increased stress levels of staff and 44% claimed that it had caused a fall in departmental performance.

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