Things that shouldn’t be on your CV

Touchstone Recruitment 13.05.2018

When it comes to writing a CV, there are many different ways of laying it out. Some will say a list of your experience should come first while some will say you should begin with a profile of yourself.

Depending on the type of job that you’re applying for, you might want to focus on different skill areas and accomplishments.

There are different opinions on how you should lay a CV out but it is agreed that there some things that should under no circumstance be in your document. Here is a list of some things that shouldn’t be in your CV:

Unprofessional appearance

The format and layout are important in a CV. How the document looks is the first judgment that the reader will make. The document must be clearly and neatly presented with important information easy to find. Think about what font you should use (Comic Sans is a big no no) and put thought into what sections of your CV should go where.

Irrelevant experience

You might have worked for a range of companies but unless they are relevant to the skills needed in the job that you’re applying for, the recruiter won’t be interested. Recruiters have limited time, so only include details of jobs that are relevant instead of pages and pages of unrelated experience.

Spelling and grammar mistakes

If you want to create a good first impression of yourself, having a CV filled with errors and typos certainly isn’t the way to go. By not proofread your CV or asking someone to look over it, you’re running the risk of appearing unprofessional. Making mistakes and not being thorough in work isn’t something that many employers are looking for!

Be truthful

It can be tempting to include a few white lies in your CV but if you make it to the interview stage, it’s likely that these exaggerations and embellishments can come back to haunt you. The interviewer will want to know bits mentioned in your CV in more detail and this could lead to you digging an even bigger hole.

It’s important to sell yourself, but it is more important to be honest.

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