How to make graduate recruitment easy

Touchstone Recruitment 13.05.2018

Yes, it’s that time of year again. A fresh batch of graduates are leaving university and looking for jobs in their area of study.

Graduates are swapping their books and library sessions for jobs and are on the lookout for their first role post-university. There are plenty of reasons why an employer will want to recruit the best: they will have new ideas, have a contagious enthusiasm for the job and be cheaper to recruit than someone with more experience in job area.

It’s a balance to strike, you don’t want your business to be full of graduates. You want a balance of experience and potential so that the newcomers can learn from those that have worked in the industry for longer.
With so many students leaving university, assuming that filling a role will be simple is an easy mistake to make. Competition between companies is fierce and to get the best new talent, you need to put the effort in.

Here are some tips for hiring graduates:

Pitch the right audience

Remember that audience that you are looking to attract. They’re unlikely to have years of experience and skills in the industry so try to limit the amount of ‘essential criteria’ necessary to apply for the job. By listing too many ‘must have’ skills, you can turn away perfectly suitable applicants. Only list attributes that are essential and needed for the job.

Also, make it clear in the job title that you are looking for graduates.

Adjust website

Adding a ‘graduates’ section to your website will make you appear committed and experienced in improving and developing graduates. When a graduate sees a job listing from your company, it’s likely that they’ll visit your website to look into what it is you do and what you’re about.

On your graduate page, list what you offer graduates, information about the company culture and examples of past graduates that have succeeded.

Visit local universities

Especially if you are regularly on the hunt for talented graduates, it’s worth forming a relationship with local universities. This is an ideal way of creating a never-ending future talent pool

The university may also have career fairs that you could attend and give internship opportunities to students. If you provide an internship for a student whilst they are studying, it gives you the chance to assess them before committing to a full-time job. If they impress, you can offer them a position when they complete their studying.

Attracting 2018 graduates

If your London-based company is looking for new graduate talent, Touchstone Recruitment has a database of the most ideal candidates for roles in finance and accounting, legal and compliance, office and admin, and secretarial and PA.

Now is the time for your company to gain an advantage over your competitors by your recruitment choices. You can send us the brief of a vacancy you have available or call 020 3143 4600 to talk to our experienced team about your recruitment needs.

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