How to get candidates excited about your company

Touchstone Recruitment 13.05.2018

Hiring isn’t a one way process. Many employers forget that. When recruiting, you need to ‘sell’ your company, convincing applicants that you are the right choice for them. It’s not just on the applicant to pitch themselves to you.

How can this be achieved though? The whole process is all about seeing how applicants could fit into your company, right? No, the process is equally about you showing why you’re the right choice for them.
Getting applicants passionate about your brand is important when it comes to offering jobs. The last thing you want is for an applicant to decline the offer. So, what are some ways of making your candidates more excited about the prospect of working for you?

Listen to their needs

What is important to them? Everyone’s different and each person will have a different motivations. You shouldn’t just give the same generic sales pitch to every person who walks into the interview room.
Look into their CV and listen to them to get a sense of what they’re about. If they want to progress in the company, give details about opportunities and examples of other workers that have been promoted.

Keep them updated

If you fail to present yourself and your intentions or updates in an honest, transparent way, it’ll be difficult to develop a mutual trust with the candidate. Being upfront with candidates gives them more time to process things. They’ll appreciate being kept updated about the process and begin to see you as a reputable employer.

Don’t be too salesy

Yes you need to explain why your company is so great but balance is key. Only if during the interview you realise that the candidate is potentially very suited to the role should you devote time to ‘selling’ the vacancy.

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