How to attract graduates to your company

Touchstone Recruitment 13.05.2018

As we approach summer, thousands of new graduates will soon be looking for their first job in industry. The graduates will be waving goodbye to the books and begin applying for jobs to begin their careers.

As well as a chance for graduates to make their mark in an industry, it’s also a chance for employers to get fresh expertise. So, for companies looking to bolster their workforce, how do you attract graduates?

Cool brand

Don’t think that because you’re a small company, you can’t get the best talent. Not all graduates want to work at the larger, commercial companies so remember to boast about real features that only smaller companies have, like a friendly, family-like team.

In your job description, make it relatable to the audience. Trying using simpler language and make it more conversational.

Company benefits

Graduates are looking for more than just a wage packet. Think of what other perks would appeal to that audience: free breakfast, work drinks on Fridays or maybe pool and ping pong tables available on lunch breaks.

Training opportunities

Yes, they’ve just spent a minimum of three years studying at university but they’ll be far from the finished product. The first job can be an intimidating one and showing that you have a training scheme in place can be a deciding factor. By simply offering training you appear transparent and understand that they’ll need time to adjust.

London recruitment

There are plenty of universities in London, and the majority of graduates look toward London to begin their careers. With a shortage of skills available and the possibility of further restrictions in accessing top talent in the future, now isn't the time to let your competitors gain an advantage from their recruitment choices.

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