How far would you be willing to commute for your dream job?

Touchstone Recruitment 13.05.2018

We all have an idea of our ‘dream job’ and some people go to great lengths to complete the goal of getting their ideal role. To get things started, let’s run through a list of the most popular dream jobs in the UK:

1. Footballer
2. Private detective
3. Actor/actress
4. Spy
5. Becoming my own boss

Quite a list, no? Now, we don’t want to be spoilsports but we’re going to guess that the results would be entirely different should the question be “what’s your realistic dream job?” After all, there’s only so many footballers and spies you can have.

With a large job market spanning a range of industries, London is home to many people’s dream careers, including MI5. The draw of the capital brings thousands of people, young and old, to London every year to take the next step in their career towards landing their dream role.

In London, many workers are used to commutes into work. High housing prices in central London mean that most find cheaper housing on the outskirts and travel in. Commuting has become part and parcel of the modern day job, but how far would the general public be willing to travel for their dream job?

A new survey of over 1,000 adults across the UK shows that Brits will travel no further than 1 hour 14 minutes, even for their dream job. Londoners, perhaps the most accustomed to commuting, are also willing to endure the longest travels. Londoners are willing to travel for up to one and a half hours whereas those from Manchester for example, would only consider up to a 23 minute commute.

London is the next step for many in the quest to attaining their dream role. If you’re looking to progress your accounting or legal career, get in touch with us. Touchstone Recruitment has a range of permanent, temporary and contract job roles across London.

Call us on 020 3143 4600 to let our specialist team know what role you are looking for, or what type of roles you are looking to fill.

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