Boosting loyalty in your employees

Touchstone Recruitment 13.05.2018

Getting new personnel in your business is important. They can reinvigorate other staff, bring in fresh ideas and help you in your company’s growth.

There are, however, some employees that you don’t want to lose. Recruitment can be a way of expanding a company but it can sometimes be to replace an important person that has decided to leave the company.

A loyal employee may not be one of the top attributes you look for when recruiting, but it should be. First off, let’s start with why employees might be leaving your company prematurely:

  • Limited or no training. Studies show that those who receive poor or no job training will leave their roles in less than a year.
  • Poor leadership. There is a saying that employees leave managers not companies. Invest properly and train your leaders.
  • Incorrect job description. If you arrive in a job and the responsibilities aren’t at all what they were described as employees will be annoyed and look to leave at the earliest opportunity if it’s something that they don’t enjoy. 

As well as correcting these three areas, there are other methods to increase the likelihood of workers stay with you for long periods.

Choosing right

Preventing the problem at the source is the best way to go about this. Be choosy about who it is you employ, don’t rush into a decision. It’s not all about their skills and experience. If you’re concerned about their loyalty, think about how/if they’ll fit in. Look if the candidate has a track record of not staying with companies for long periods of time.

Regular meetings

Keep in touch with your employees. Often there are problems that are brewing before their decision to leave. How can you do anything to solve the problem if you didn’t know about it? Hold quarterly meetings with employees when you can be open. Don’t follow an appraisal format, keep it casual for you to have a catch-up and express any concerns.

Celebrate milestones

Who is going to stay if you don’t reward their loyalty? Make note of when employees joined and keeping an eye on when one, five and ten year milestones are approaching. A recognition program that gives bonuses and rewards to those that stay will undoubtedly persuade people to stay.

Don’t just praise loyalty, though. Reward employees for good work, for example, if they exceed their targets or receive praise from a client.

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